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How to Play Health Lottery

How to Play Health Lottery

Health Lottery is very famous lotetry in United kingdom but this lottery is not the National Lottery. The Health Lottery is a lottery game operating in England, Scotland and Wales.It costs £1 per line of 5 numbers to enter the Health Lottery. The game is a 5-ball draw with 3 fixed prizes. Players choose 5 numbers from the range 1 to 50, or can opt for a Quick Pick. There is 1 draw per week, on Saturday evenings. Prizes are awarded to players who match 3, 4, or all 5 numbers.

Health Lottery

Prize Structure of Health Lottery

Matching numbers Prize
2 numbers Free ticket*
2 numbers plus bonus £10
3 numbers £20
3 numbers plus bonus £50
4 numbers £250
4 numbers plus bonus £10,000
5 numbers Up to £100,000. (See below)

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